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Just A Cell

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A simple, but fun, retro style game.

All of life starts once a bolt of lighting strikes the boiling ocean of earth. Starting off as just a simple cell you fight for the right to evolve and become a more complex organism.

2 game modes, and 10 generations of creatures.

Arrow Keys to move
Z to progress
m to mute

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This is my outro song
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Wow, I never expected a game like this, Awesome.. But theres one thing, The flashing lights are really annoying. Other than that, the game is perfect

Holy seizure warning, Batman, easy on the flashing lights!
Solid game otherwise, but this is a pretty fatal flaw.

I think this game is so cute with its little flagellas and whatnot but the flashing lights got annoying.

The Good: I liked the rhyming. It reminded me of Zecora for some reason. Also, the evolving was pretty well done though I'd have liked to play a "eat whatever's smaller than you" game without being a fish for once. The music was okay, nothing special but not overly annoying either. Finally, the OM NOM NOM was funny and a nice touch.

The Bad: Sometimes it's tough to discern what's larger than yourself, since things are of different shapes and sizes. Also, when you die you can still move. I hate that because it breaks the suspension of disbelief and just looks stupid. The rhyming seemed a little forced at times, and the example I can remember best is the one between "malicious" and "finish". In what universe do these two words rhyme? I know how hard it is to find rhymes for things, having had to write in rhyme in my life, but if you can't think of a rhyme for something, NEVER force it. It becomes, with all due respect, painful to read. The concept of the game is a little overdone, but instead of adding something new you seemed to stick to the script of being (or turning into) a fish. When I saw that there were 10 generations of evolving, I kinda expected something that would leave more of an impression than a cookie-cutter turtle thing.

The Fatal Problem: THE BLOODY FLASHING. IT'S ANNOYING. TURN IT OFF! Caps lock aside, this is a Fatal Problem that could turn literal. There's no seizure warning, plus it's unexpected because it doesn't begin until the fish level. Seizures are at their worst when faced with a simple pattern for a while, then faced with sudden multi-coloured flashing. I don't even have epilepsy, but I feel like this game could single-handedly give me it if I play it enough. Nevertheless, I now have some eye strain from playing this. I'd ask you to put a warning in the description, but why even have the flashing in the first place?! There's no reason for it, and it comes right the f*ck out of nowhere! Turn it off!

Conclusion: Washed-out concept, not very much potential, even worse payoff, bad rhyming, and the worse case of unnecessary flashing since the Exhibitionists' Convention of 2012. AVOID THIS GAME.

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2012
3:01 PM EDT
  • Stencyl
  • Daily 4th Place October 16, 2012