Reviews for "Just A Cell"

It's an interesting game; though we've seen similar things before in various forms. The evolutions to it are somewhat unique at least. But there's too many flaws to make it GOOD. The controls act wonky especially in later levels, the flashiness that comes along later is not warned about beforehand (I'm not epileptic but for those who are it could be a problem), the last few levels also make it so there's little to no room to move around things that are bigger to you, and as some others have said it can get hard telling what is bigger and what's not.

Awh I died as the little wiggly thing cause I wasn't paying attention xD

Really good game though~

PRetty sweet.

I've played a few games like this, but the presentation makes it unique. Loved it! Though, it can be a little hard to tell what exactly is bigger than you in the later levels

Kinda glitchy, sluggish controls but I had fun.
Would like diversity in the evolutions.
I liked the rhyming very stylistic.