Reviews for "Just A Cell"

Simple game, but well done! Two suggestions: First and important of all when you eat an enemy, please only blinking in one colour. I'm pretty sure it might cause serious epileptic seizure otherwise. Secondly, it's sometimes hard to figure out wether a fish (or especially octopus) is bigger or smaller than you. Maybe eatable enemys should be green, the rest red?
Keep up the work, I liked it!

The game looks good and seems cool, but the controls are kinda wonky and is the background suppose to flicker back and forth in the fish level? ....also, i wish you could grow bigger as you ate more....

A SPORE like flash game? I definitely appreciate that! It be awesome if there were some kind of personalisation menu. Also a highscore would be nice. All in all nice game but there is space to grow. Keep goin'.
Greets Pcfreak

LazyBoyGames responds:

If you click on the clock on the main menu then there is a timed game mode with a high score.

Also as far as customization goes I have been working on a much larger project for the last couple months that has that.

Thanks for the review.

Very nice!