Reviews for "Just A Cell"

Is it fun? Yes. However, there are problems. For example, when you get bigger, if you move up, you can get eaten by something from below because of your size, making manuevering nearly impossible. The other thing is the music. I loved it to begin with, but towards the end, the clown like music was manic and annoying!
As for the good, I love the retro look, it is colorful fun. And, the idea is silly fun. Good job overall, just fix those issue and you have a 5 star game.

I can dig it. It's a nice simple straightforward game. Haven't I heard this soundtrack before? On that multi-game retro one that came out a few months ago?

I understand keeping the players character the same color is needed because otherwise one could lose track. What would kick this up into the four star category would be if there were different possible ways to evolve depending on what you eat.

The controls were good (nice to be able to use diagonals).

A bit more of a storyline and a few different ways to evolve would take this to the next level. Overall a fine effort.

A nice progressive challenge. Total time suck.

okay pretty good i like it 9/10

Quite entertaining.