Reviews for "Just A Cell"

altough it was interesting, the screen flashing can be quite annoying,and its hard at times to determine whats bigger than you

I died as a piece of bacon
Now I can finally rest in peace

I like this game a lot though its hard to tell if something is considered "Bigger than you"

Pretty rad game! i had some difficulties with the controls, the flashing lights may have been too much, and I did have a little trouble with determining sizes, but I think this game is worth a complete playthrough by anyone.
Grafix were really well-done, not that they were excellent drawings (pretty good, tho) or were animated really great, but they FIT TOGETHER excellently. Let's go back to the flashing lights: I think the issue here for me was framerate. A little sluggish, and operating under 512mb RAM that could have partly been my fault. However, being able to emulate N64 games, I don't think this is a conclusive answer. The creatures seem to move pretty fluid, so I would guess that this is anywhere between 24-32 and not something dumb like 16/18 or 64. Maybe I am wrong, but you may consider more careful and efficient coding methods or maybe even a smaller Library...because the flashing lights annoyed me for how SLOWLY they flashed, rather than that they did at all. C'mon, I played Robotron.

I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of creatures, and the manic pacing that's typical of older games that this is styled after, particularly the last level. Also, I like that there is also a "time attack" mode, but to be honest it could have easily been a "themed clock" for how descriptive it was and that the "credits screen" (heheh) was lumped into the same list. I think that the credits should have been listed elsewhere, like in the far corner, or perhaps a more exacting grafik for Time-Attack could have been chosen. However, even though I've never been a fan of time-attacks (makes me anxious), I think it's cool that one is included here.
I also like that when you die in this game it remembers where you were, loading the appropriate level, without making you restart the game (AKA seeing what else is on Newgrounds). This, combined with easy-going short levels, means that (for me, at least) losing is okay and I don't feel like a total loser for having died...as is common in games these days.

My problems with the controls were that they were sort of sticky and locked up sometimes. I found that I couldn't reliably press more than one button at a time without having funny issues like moving in one direction while facing another, inability to move at all, or jerky movements. This error resulted in FREQUENT DEATH....which was 'somewhat' lucrative and amusing as I've been drinking.

out of 10...

gfx - 8 (smooth blends, clear objects)
sfx - N/A (I have no soundcard)
design - 8 (good, varied levels)
gameplay - 8.5 (in spite of weak controls, game is very fun)

overall, this is a fantastic way to kill 5-10 minutes. From the evolutions to the poems, this is one very charming game that has a certain way of hooking the player into beating it. Perhaps disappointed by lack of level-select or weak controls, but nonetheless a very cheery and rewarding experience.

LazyBoyGames responds:

Wow thanks for the review. This is the most helpful one I have had so far. The lag is caused by certain libraries that Stencyl uses. It shouldn't be an issue in future games. The flashing was a bad call on my part. I have heard that it is annoying for many people even when running at the appropriate speed, so I don't think it's your fault =)

The inclusion of a level select seemed unneeded to me. Since the game takes around 10 minutes to beat one would usually be done in one sitting.

Anyway glad you liked the game, and thanks again for the extremely thorough review.

It was a good game.