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Mooving On 5 Points

Beat the farm levels.

Legendairy 10 Points

Beat the urban levels.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

***Stay until AFTER the credits for a bonus scene!***

Right/D = Walk Right
Left/A = Walk Left
Up/W = Climb Up
Down/S = Climb Down
Spacebar = Hide
E = MC^2 (And is also used to throw a distraction)
Q = Change Quality (if the game is running slow)

Team Jones Edward brings to you our Game Jam 7 submission: Uddercover. As standard, made in less than 72 hours.

Play as secret agent bovine Agent Udders as you attempt to save your leather!

The core mechanic assigned to us was Hide, and a secret agent cow seemed to be the only logical option.

Be sure to check out the other Game Jam submissions - they're all phenomenal.

Enjoy the game!

*****UPDATE 7/9: Just updated the game with a workaround to hopefully fix the "fall through the floor" bug.*****
***If the game isn't working, make SURE that you have the latest version of Flash. There was a huge update recently, and without it the game may malfunction in Google Chrome***
**Firefox and InternetExplorer may cause problems, if this happens you should try a different browser**

*It might be worth mentioning that the main voice was meant to sound like a radio. It's not the microphone, I promise. ;]

Team Members:
NoLanLabs (Programmer): Programming and Level Design
maxman43(Artist 1): Art and Level Design
Rooster (Artist 2): Background art
houzatosis (Musician): Game Music
Himynameisjacob (Wildcard): Concept, Writing, Voice Acting, and Title Theme

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no medals :/

why is the last level impossible

A cow platformer

this was different with turning into a walking cow and hiding very fun there the controls are very good and the AI of the enemy is good I had fun with this game and enjoyed the stylish elements you make it entertaining and not always easy but thats what a good platformer does I supose, but it was a pleasure to review and play this fine game of yours with all the elements and fun of it.

No ideas come to mind at this time


This is ridiculous.

After all these years, since this game first came out, I still can't get that 'Moo' medal. I tried Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, nothing is giving me that medal. I'm suppose to wait after the credits, right? That's when I'm seeing the medal appear, so why does it hate me?

*Sigh* ...but I shouldn't let my frustration alter the overall game, that being Perry the Platypus shenanigans with a cow. For 72 hours, this was nicely made. After playing through it 5 times in the past hour, this game isn't very challenging. The ball helped a little to the 'stealth', but it's more about patience with this game.

...patience that I've placed into trying to obtain that medal for FAR TOO LONG!


EDIT: OKAY... after placing some thought into it, I considered on something and tried it with the Newgrounds Player. And it gave me the medal.

That player has really been opening a lot of locked doors since I got it.

Rooster responds:

I'm sorry

Im not gonna lie at first i felt haterd for this game due to the slow sneaking but then i ended up loving cows a much more than i did before playing this XD and the music had me dancing like night at the brotlox