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Reviews for "Uddercover"

Well, it didn't work for me in chrome (which my chrome is fully updated) I fell through the ground during the intro to the first level. It partly worked in Firefox ( I didn't fall through until a ladder) and it worked fully in a version of IE with very outdated flash. The problem here (as is quite visible when reading through the reviews) is not the browser. It is, in-fact a problem with the game. Telling people to change browsers is really dismissive. Though I understand that you probably can't post an updated version as a result of the game jam, but it would be nice to see "we have the problem sorted out and we will upload a fixed version after the game jam is over" or at least "we are working on it, thanks." Now, I didn't 'judge' the game on that, though I don't blame people who do. However, I certainly have no intentions of logging out of my preferred browser to get the medals for this game using IE (which the fact that I even opened IE makes me feel dirty).

The game itself once it was working was OK, though a bit short. The puzzles were really simple, though sometimes the timing was really rather annoying. It really wasn't anything great it was just ok. I thought the end was funny and that pushed it up a bit over OK. The story felt a bit weak and under developed and that is part of what made it just OK for me. I do understand that this game was made in 72 hours and I am judging it as such.

3/5 and 3.5/5

NoLanLabs responds:

wellll the incompatibilities are (i think) due to the somewhat crappy code I hastily wrote in the 72 hours - with more time I could have written a better engine that probably would have worked better, but this means there's not really a "fix" I can do now, unfortunately, other than rewriting the whole engine. But with that being said, it is really hard to debug code that works fine on lots of computers including my own, but doesn't work on others. so all I can do now is just write better games in the future.


NoLanLabs responds:


Too easy.

I keep falling through the floor everytime I skip the intro.

NoLanLabs responds:

try a different browser :(

Udderly hilarious.