Reviews for "Uddercover"

Epic, loved it :)

I think by far what makes this game is the humor. I laughed so hard at all the jokes in this.
I think the voice acting was pretty good. Especially boss man at the end, he had such a cliche western style voice that fit perfectly into the already anti-climactic and simple everything game.
I think if the art was improved, and maybe the coding too, to have better physics, with a longer game that kept up with the humor and funny voices, this could be a good xbox arcade game!!!!

funniest game idea ever.
a disguised cow? who would have thought that.
love how the normal cow is drawn, it that a derp face?
good music, good gameplay.
just one thing
you shouldnt be able to pass the level if you change to disguised cow just in front of the door while you had guards seeing you.

nice game, keep it up!

the music, the cow's two legged walking cycle, the fact that these people are looking for a cow...
everything about this game is hilarious. I really enjoyed it and the fact that I was laughing the whole time made it that much more entertaining

good game for something made in 72 hours :3