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Reviews for "Uddercover"

This is UTTER crap ^p^ lol. But no in all honesty i liked the concept. Just even at normal speed it moved very very slow >>

I understand that this was a very short time span to make the game (72 hours), but you could've worked more on art and coding...and pretty much anything other than cow jokes. Alot of people have made much better games in much less time, this game has bad art, bad animation, and isn't even that good gameplay wise. Sure, there were times when I had to really time my escapes, but it just felt boring most of the time. The acting was very good, aswell as the voice work and ESPECIALLY the music, but sound doesn't make a game. Gameplay, coding, art assets. THAT makes a game. This game has alot of potential, but it just feels like you didn't care that much about making the game and it was more of an excercise in voice work and music.



I'm tossing out distractions but nothing's happening. :/

NoLanLabs responds:

hide yourself, then stand in front of him and throw a ball past him in the opposite direction to get him to turn around. Hope that helps.