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Reviews for "Uddercover"

A little short, but It was fun. :D i liked the scenes at the end.

ehmm same as Jaywalker64's problem of this games lol.

I would really like to play your game, but right after the beginning the cow falls through the level. Even when i skip the "radio". -.-

Pretty interesting game and inventive. It is sort of a puzzle type game. After a while it gets boring though but that would seem to be normal for puzzle type games.

I think this might be the most popular game submitted in this. I don't know if there are any contest winners, but it's an okay game for what it is. Its main strength is that it does have some original gameplay. What I didn't understand was how easy it was for you to lose. It seemed like every other second, the guy was looking at you. I wish I could have had some means of defense against him.

It would be cool to see a cow fighting like that. At least the music was good. I always appreciate it when people create so much music customized for a game. The graphics could be a lot better, though. Then again, you didn't have much time.