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Reviews for "Uddercover"

Not bad, not bad. It was a fun little game to bad it didn't last very long though you should make another one or just keep this one and make it part one of a bigger game.

I swear one of the best game I ever played on newground
and BTW how I get the medal on the caenter ( the third one )

Well it was pretty fun and I love the cow! It was very funny :D
Had no troubles except with the level with four people, but I just kept trying and eventually got my timing perfect! I like this game :P

Its okay but the hiding and distractions fail when i try do a certain level where theres four moving dudes...

NoLanLabs responds:

you have to get the timing just right. Keep trying; it's worth it to see the end cutscene.

"The core mechanich [...] was hide"
Now, this is a pun of extreme class. I love it.

The game was decent, too.