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Pip the Robot: Button

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Pip discovers a button and he can't help but push it.

Made with Cinema 4D, After Effects and a tiny tiny bit of Flash... sound was edited in Adobe Audition.

This animation will be continued in a few weeks with Trapped. It's half animated at present.

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this music sounds like banjo and kazooie music

Awesome short!

Well, I always like to see your animation and this one was no disappointment. You've presented a lovely piece, with well designed characters and a well designed 3D look to the characters. The plot was off the wall and I did love the way that it unfolded, gradually building up, but also allowing us to see the world from the point of view of the TV faced robot, where it appears that all of his stuff is being stolen from right in front of him.

I wonder if Pip will find some sort of button at the end of this seemingly endless maze, that he has been left at. Keep up the good work and at least give Sarah an author / writer credit on here. You know you want to!

[Review Request Club]

Zictor responds:

Thanks man, Sarah is working on a script for a future Pip short but until then I've got the rest covered :P

Next part should be up within a week or 2 so I'll send you a PM letting you know of it's appearance.

The beginning of the movie is not that exciting. Only a plain white room with a somewhat cute looking robot. But luckily, you decided to jump straight into the action. No long winded intro of how Pip examines the button, before he presses it the first time. I like that.

The random things happening where quite funny, even though they don't make too much sense to me. But the animations are very good. Everything looks very smooth and the movements of the robots are very good as well (wheels turning, when they move, the movement of the arms, head, etc.).

I also like the graphics a lot. Even though there isn't that much to see (a plain white room most of the time), the things we can see look very good.

The ending look promising as well. Pip is trapped in a building that M. C. Escher would like a lot... next movie should be very interesting. :)

{ Review Request Club }

Zictor responds:

Haha, I like the whole robot logic thing, he's not going to be hesitant about pressing a button, he wants to know what it does, best way to figure that out is to press it. He has no idea that it'll do random things, but he keeps pressing it to see what happens. The next part is coming along nicely and I actually based the room on one of Escher's Lithographs called Relativity. I'm using the button to drive the story across the next few episodes as it's quite nice to not have to come up with complicated explanations. The other episodes will also all be longer than this one and make more sense.

Wow! What a great animation! Nice ability with 3D you have, the storyline could be better, music for me is fine, i like it, but i see you say its half animated for now, im really looking foward to you! Nice animation!

Very good! lol i love the music, reminds me of banjo kazooie for the n64 xD