Reviews for "Pip the Robot: Button"

Nice refreshing little animation. Not much bad to be said - maybe, tell it a little slower so we can familerise ourselves with Pip. It's a lovely character. I also enjoyed the music.

I know nothing about 3d animation so I can't really give much more constructive critisism.

Looking foward to the next part.

Zictor responds:

If you go check my profile this is the 2nd Pip cartoon. I felt he needed less of an introduction in this one, it's more about the mystery of the button. 3D is very time consuming so I've made the pace quite fast. We get through a lot in just over a minute!

And yeah the music is great isn't it? Found it in the portal. I edited a few bits out to fit the scenes, it blends together really well.

Thanks for your review!

Fantastic music and the animation is the best I've seen on Newgrounds.
5/5 :)