Reviews for "Pip the Robot: Button"

Awesome ! good 3D, also the music looks like Banjo kazooies

Not bad. I like the little robots you made. The music sounds familiar, like a video game I've played before... Banjo and Kazooie came to mind in the dump area. The animation and art is pretty good too.

There's just one issue, this is too short. Pip only pressed the button seven times. When i saw the lights affected, then the door phase up, and some objects popping in, I thought this has got to be interesting, but then it stopped. I guess the pictures are from other Pip episodes I haven't seen...

Zictor responds:

Nah they're not from other episodes, they are images I've made with the characters. Each time I make a new character I put them into a scene with others. You can check them out on my website!

Not bad, I'd say pace it better so it stands on its own and seems more complete.

I like the music.

Wow, that's unusual!
The 3D visuals, and the character designs seem all too nostalgic, and refreshing. Amazing work !

Zictor responds:

I take a lot of influence from the mid-late 90's Video games. One that springs to mind instantly is Banjo-Kazooie.