Reviews for "Pip the Robot: Button"

Fantastic music and the animation is the best I've seen on Newgrounds.
5/5 :)

Wow, that's unusual!
The 3D visuals, and the character designs seem all too nostalgic, and refreshing. Amazing work !

Zictor responds:

I take a lot of influence from the mid-late 90's Video games. One that springs to mind instantly is Banjo-Kazooie.

Awesome dude, keep at it :D

This flash is unusual, but interesting at the same time....
I like it.
Keep up the work, becouse this is great.


This is one of the best animations I have ever seen on this site. The story line was OK, but the animation was really amazing in every single way. It really looks like a Pixar short. The whole short was smooth and really showed your skills.

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Zictor responds:

Thanks a lot. The story was non existant as it was literally an animation exercise, I'd just do something random whenever he pressed the button, BUT I had got the next toon planned so I decided to link them together by ending this one at the start of the next. I don't know about Pixar quality but thanks... haha. I'd love to work at an animation studio like that! Be sure to check out the other instalments.