Reviews for "Pip the Robot: Button"


This is one of the best animations I have ever seen on this site. The story line was OK, but the animation was really amazing in every single way. It really looks like a Pixar short. The whole short was smooth and really showed your skills.

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Zictor responds:

Thanks a lot. The story was non existant as it was literally an animation exercise, I'd just do something random whenever he pressed the button, BUT I had got the next toon planned so I decided to link them together by ending this one at the start of the next. I don't know about Pixar quality but thanks... haha. I'd love to work at an animation studio like that! Be sure to check out the other instalments.

Being perfectly honest, the story wasn't the part that drew me in here, it was moreso the amazing animation that you presented us with. I mean, the story was pretty weird, but I think it fit well with the funky sounds and interesting music you added. The movie has an overall strange vibe to it actually, but I like that.

Yes, it was really short, as many have pointed out, but I think your animation skills make up for that. Everything was just so smooth, and the backgrounds and their various objects provided further eye-candy.

I don't really know why I liked it so much; whether it was because of the cuteness of the robot or the smooth animation I'm not sure. Either way, keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to your next installment. :)

Zictor responds:

Haha, I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I watch something weird and I just love it for some reason. The reason it was so short is because I wanted to make something that tied it into the next one I'm making, which is partially animated at present and I've got a long render ahead of me to get it to look as nice as this one.

My intentions with these projects it to put Pip into a relatively complex situation and show how his simple mind gets him further into trouble, and how he doesn't learn from his mistakes, yet often stumbles across the solution to the problem not knowing why or how he has done so. Playing with the Occam's Razor idea, the simplest answer is almost always the best answer... that and when I animate it I've given myself a puzzle to solve by moving Pip to it. It is an all round fun experience and I'm glad I can share it with this community.

I'm aiming to make the next one longer. Like the Facebook page or add me to your favourites to make sure you see the next part!

hmm Albert Einstein said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. so, are you insane? btw nice job i liked it and I'll give the other star when its fully animated =D.

Zictor responds:

Haha.... well clearly here it disproves that, every time he hits the button something different happens... kind of makes this a paradox, he's doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results and actually getting them! Does this make him insane?

This flash is unusual, but interesting at the same time....
I like it.
Keep up the work, becouse this is great.

Awesome dude, keep at it :D