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Hello Newgrounds! I missed you.
I finally have the opportunity to show you LUCKY DAY FOREVER. Completed 2011, premiering at last online NOW, right here on Newgrounds!

"Prole 514 dreams about winning the Great Lottery. The lottery winner is transformed and allowed admission into the elite White society, where everyone is beautiful, young and happy and people spend their carefree lives solely on fun and partying. One day, 514's wish comes true... but was this what he really wanted?"

Thanks for all the great feedback and reviews, kind and less kind alike! Yes, I do read them all.

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I really remember seeing the initial advert part in the beginning. Never got to seeing this in full. Service with a smile. We really do live in a society. Reminds me of the Black Mirror episode "15 Million Merits."

The real question is, "Are ya winning, son?"
Gotta cope with whatever fake crap to keep movin' forward. My heart can't handle it alone.

If you want to win the lottery you have to buy a ticket.

Idk how I missed this for 8 years. Great work!

How did I not know about this??

Awesome animation! Wow! :D