Reviews for "LUCKY DAY FOREVER "

I don't think this shit should be rated teen

This is spectacular.

What's the name of the music that was played first in the movie?

words cant explain what i just saw.but if i could i would say in three words that it is beatiful,mind fuckish,and what the future is soon going to be.i dont want that to be our future.

Wow! Probably the best animation I've seen on NG yet. Certainly the best in a loooong time! Where to start? The idea of the dystopia is not a new one, but I love it, it fascinates me! It's so futuristic, but also part of it is what we have here and now in this world.
The contrasts between rich and poor are portrayed so so well here. The elite society is always bright and light and there isn't much detail put in, but this works to show that they're 'flawless'. Whereas the poverty stricken side is dark and gloomy and filthy. The backgrounds are so incredibly detailed and atmospheric. It really draws you in, and makes you feel the depression of the characters. I just loved the style of art and animation. It's original and refreshing!
The music was really effective as well, quite subtle for the most part, adding to the atmosphere in just the right way. And it was also moving in the right amount too, stirring up the anticipation/emotion.
Wow! I can't get over how much effort went into every little detail in this, I can't touch on it all, but it's incredible! It almost felt like I was there - the only thing missing is the sense of smell.
The ending was pretty poignant, and saddening, but also apt. I was kind of hoping for a different ending, where he fights his way out and finds his girl, and (somehow) bring down the dystopia. But yeah, I kinda knew that wouldn't happen, and it's probably a bit cliché. But still, I wanted your character to be happy. It's a great example that you're able to draw in the viewers feelings towards your character. You've illustrated his emotions so well, that we are drawn to him. And that is a little bit of magic that most animations don't produce - and some people won't really appreciate it, they're just here to see funny stuff.
I really appreciate the effort that you guys have put into this. It really is a work of art. I commend you all! You should be immensely proud. And I hope there are more like this to come!!?
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