Reviews for "LUCKY DAY FOREVER "

Amazing! LOVEd every sec.!

This was awesome, every scene caught my emotions. And this story tells so much about what the less fortunate people who live in the "hood" as people would call it, suffer as they see a high society full of high class people just beyond their reach. Superiority is such an issue nowadays so it's great to see stuff like this. You can never be someone else in a place where you don't belong, money is not worth being unhappy and trapped in a cage that you're stuck in. Great Job, really impactful.

Truly amazing! I was speechless after watching this.

awesome... I just cant say enough good things about this...

fuck, this may be one of the best things ive seen EVER. i think it honestly speaks for itslef but if i had to put my finger on it id say it was the unique style of art, the symbolism, and its somewhat subversive nature. it made me think about a lot, about who has power, about my own privladge, about how none of us will ever be famous, about the images in the media. honestly this is something i would go to a theater to see. it was an epic in a way that so many things with ten times the budget and length just rarley are. this shit could be the next citizen kane as far as im concerned. best thing ive ever seen on this site, AND I DO MEAN EVER.