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What happened? Am I broken?

I just made this for fun (and to try out Stencyl) It's a pretty neat piece of software, sure was fun to play with. I was going to wait and submit this for Robotday and all that, but I can't spend anymore time playing around with the tools right now. So I'd rather just get it submitted and get back to work on Sagittarian 4.

Notes on Stencyl, MOST of the function in game came with the software. Jumping, all of that. I customized some bits here and there, but the hard part was done. Area transitions, I never found any good tools for that so I built my own in the Stencyl scripting language to allow back and forth between maps.

Was fun! Stay cool guys!


I gave you 4 stars for the graphics alone, that is absolutely astounding! I am sort of familiar with Stencyl so I know how long that must have taken. Jaw-dropping, this reminds of of games like Earthworm Jim, where the platforms are just random. I would have kept playing if the checkpoint system was there at all. I got pretty far and I didnt see any way to save. I would love this see this problem fixed because I am looking forward to seeing everything you did in this game! Eye candy but flawed. Thanks!

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i loved the graphics! grat job! :)

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it was fun but i don't get the ending.

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I think this game is a fantastic one of my favorites and I love the sound effects but there should be more checkpoints!
When I die I have to start from the beginning and I got so frustrated!!!!

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I liked where it was going but when I died I went all the way back to the beginning and couldn't be bothered retrying it. That is my only complaint, the rest is pretty awesome!

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3.26 / 5.00

May 22, 2012
5:39 PM EDT