Reviews for "Scraps"

It seems like a good concept but its obviously incomplete, there's no music in the game and some of the jumps (specifically the one after falling through the tunnel) require some extreme precision. What really hurts this game the most is the lack of a checkpoint system, I got about 8 screens in before I fell down a hole and ended up right back at the beginning of the first screen, I highly doubt that was a design choice. Also there should be some kind of way to know where those bottomless pits are, you don't need a neon sign that says "don't fall here" but something so that when you jump it isn't like "you thought there was solid ground down here? lol there isn't."

Overall this game is playable but I can't honestly say it was fun.

This is one of the best Stencyl games I've seen. I'm really impressed with the graphics. It's fun, but the game play has a few problems. I'd really like to be able to use WASD to move around. Having to use the arrows feels clunky and annoying. It's also a drag that you start from square one if you fall off the screen. It'd be much better to start from a checkpoint or the beginning of the screen you're on.

I really like the minimal sounds. Though it really needs a mute button.

All in all this is pretty cool. I'd like to see more games from you in the future.

its ok but not ok you know

Isnt it more like a game? And whats up with the starting all over again when you die?