Reviews for "Scraps"

I... agree

Interesting game, I felt the message of confusion and loss very well, the minimalistic controls, lack of music and very soft sound effects culminated in an interesting atmosphere. Sure, there was no real ... challenge, per se, but I was willing to follow the game where it would lead me.
At least until I fell down a pit about 7 minutes in and appeared all the way at the beginning again.
This is not Megaman, author. You don't have to pull such an uncool stunt. It would've been much better to have me revive at the last text "checkpoint" instead of the beginning of the game! So yea, I didn't finish.

I can't believe how deep I had to think to get what I believe this game was about. Obviously entertainment. But life isn't just joy and excitement all the time. You eventually have to be calm, once your body is bliss, enjoy the experience. What's the point of climbing a mountain. To get to the top. But if you just mean to get to the top then drive. Since you didn't, weren't you looking for something else?


I have played many games like this and while some of the earlyer comments where true, lack of story, not much of a story. The fact remains he admitted this is an experiment testing out new software. That being said I feel this was a tremendous success, even with it being little more then an experiment the feeling of being lost and confused was expressed well.

I will say this, the text part of the game felt a bit primitve, hopefully this can be improved beyond the character reaching certain coordinates and a message pops over head. Other then that I definently feel this has potential, great work Hyptosis.