Reviews for "Scraps"

nice game.

Meh. It lacks substance. Also, ever heard of checkpoints?

Good game i would say 4 stars.

Hey! This is really good from what I was able to play, but the lack of checkpoints was sort of frustrating. I had to start from the beginning several times, even after passing multiple levels. If you implemented a checkpoint system, I would definitely come back and play it again. Also, it's just a little bit difficult to gauge what's in the foreground and what's in the background. Otherwise, it's very pretty! Keep up the good work!

Brilliant, to say the least about it. Since this was actually such a short game, I believe I'll leave a shorter review. The story (or what of it) that was presented throughout the game was the simple stereotypical "humanity went wrong and robots lived on" vibe, but it still was able to give out itself very honestly. No real frills, either.

I just wish that you added a few frills with, per say, gameplay. Just simply jumping around like your robot has malfunction every few seconds is kind of boring. No enemies, no real major puzzling obstacles; nothing at all. That's what disappointed me.

For an experiment, though, you did a very well done job at it. The artwork more than made up for the lack of gameplay. I was actually thinking of entering this Stencyl competition myself, but it looks like I won't have the time to actually flesh out my idea any. Good luck if you decide to refine your skills with Stencyl.