Reviews for "Scraps"

fresh and cool graphics,

impending riot is coming, you better hid your wives XD
kinda pointless game though well made.. i treid using Stencyl but i've had some difficulties..
nice job man..

liked this game alot, controls were fluid, the little messages were eire and added to the theme, i dont think this needs any work

Nice way to progressively tell a story. And you used every basic element of platforming as you along.

Comments on reviews before me:
At the start it's a little confusing where to go, but with exploring you'll learn your way.
I guess checkpoints would improve the game, but to be honest guys: I only fell down a pit on the very first screen. Maybe you guys should just stop being bad at video games. :p

I was pretty confused by this game because I really had no clue what was going on in it. You didn't give any directions on how to beat it in the author's comments. It uses the basic controls, the arrow keys, I believe. I thought maybe you were supposed to advance to the next level by falling down, but that just kills you. At least it looks nice. It would have been better if there was some music in it.

I guess the title is supposed to represent how the world is in ruins or something. Whatever it is, I couldn't understand it. I guess people more into Stencyl and your games will like it more. At least it manages to be a fairly unique experience. The colors are nice and vibrant here.