Reviews for "Scraps"

I thought this was a nice little game. It was a bit short though, and it's not got much to it. The story was... Alright, I guess, but again, a little short. The graphics are nice though. With a bit more work and a longer storyline, maybe some enemies or more dangers in a puzzle like fashion, even, then this game would be awesome.

all you have to do to fix this game is 3 things, take megaman out of the title, make it clear which holes are the exist and which holes send you to yuor doom and finally make it so you restart at the start of the stage when you die, not restart the entire game

The Graphics and the Enviroment are Beautiful, hanks for that :)

are you sure you're not games420 ??
cuz this was my idea and i asked her to help me make a game exactly like this except the title ..

I... agree