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* cheers for the frontpage! i forgot how satisfying it feels :)

Based on an actual conversation with my job network. The moral of the story is that you can teach yourself anything if you're passionate about it, you don't NEED a college degree to be succesful in life. You should do what you love right now, regardless of what situation you're in. We live in a society that is too focused on money rather than doing the things they enjoy the most. Hopefully people can relate to this in some way.


chillingly familiar

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thought it might be

hey this was really funny, i liked the animation and the voices, also nice to see a fellow Australian :)

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Thanks man, aussie reppin' haha

I agree. Not so much as what most reviewers seem to relate to, school or what to do for a living, but that what truly matters is to do what you enjoy doing. If you happen do land a job you enjoy, be it gained from learning the trade, learning on the go, or from someone else... Or heck, even being a jack of all trades... Life is, no matter how you look at it, something most people totally forget to enjoy. My son is hitting 9 and no matter how awesome my job is or isn't at times... He's the best thing that's happened to me, right after my wife :D Cherish the time you have with your loved ones... I hope I got the message right. One thing you have to learn yourself from life is... How to enjoy yourself... Seems like no school teaches you that...

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Spot on :)

Totally agree with you...but school isn't a lie...it really does lead to success and happiness for those that have the drive and determination to come out on top. A little misleading but a solid point nonetheless.

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true, for those with the drive and determination, but the majority generally fail and end up doing a shitty unrelated job in the end

Yeah...Funny you threw in the line about going to a school to learn things I could have taught myself.

I was suckered from high school by the point of this animation so I can definitely relate.

Nothing I can do but spread the word like this does. Good on you.

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cheers buddy

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