Reviews for "Job Care"

Werkin hoard fer uh peese uf paeper!!!

Blordow responds:


Wow, this is actually quite accurate. Good animation, voice acting, and great message. 5 stars for you!

Blordow responds:

Thankyou, means a lot!

I loved your philosophy on paying art schools to teach you what you can teach yourself. I agree XD

Blordow responds:

I'm glad you agree! Thanks! :)

Fuck the haters, the voice acting was top notch. Nothing wrong with it. Especially since the character is based on you (Im guessing), so theres nothing wrong with using your own voice.

The only thing you should add is subtitles, because when he started talking real fast I couldn't follow what he was saying anymore, and I wish I did.

I guess that adds replay value.... BUT ADD SUBTITLES NOW...BEFORE YOU GET FRONTPAGE


Blordow responds:

Haha cheers man! I will look into adding sub titles. I am not very good with actionscript but if I can find a decent tutorial I will give a shot.

EDIT: I have a v-cam in my flash and it's making my subtitles zoom in and out when the v-cam is active. I was hoping the animation itself would make the vocals more understandable anyway :P

I liked just about everything about this, especially the message. Thank you for being yourself and honest.

Blordow responds:

Thanks, I am proud of how it turned out!