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Reviews for "Job Care"

strangely enough i wrote a 32 page document on similar subjects as this for an assignment (for my uni). hahaha anyway nice stuff

Blordow responds:

ohhh really, that's weird, so you had to write a document dissing uni, for uni? :P haha thanks

I know most of you may not be able to understand this but this is a fundalmental workings of the reason of why we do what we do. One doesn't need to know this but it help one understand life a little better. IF YOU DO NOT CARE, ONE MAY SIMPLY SKIP TO THE 2ND TO LAST AND LAST PARAGRAPH.

I do agree with you, we are free to do whatever we want but there are consequences to our actions. Remember that a "need" correspond to a "want" meaning that one must first want something in order to need, what ever is essential, in order to get that want. Our first "want" is the meaning our our existence. Which could be anything from wanting happiness, living for God, living for others, or simply wishing to be and experience our existence (or more)(another note, one does not "need" to exist, they want to, because if one simply has no reason for life he/she can commit suicide and end their existence (PEOPLE CAN END THEMSELVES AND DIE, PEOPLE DO NOT NEED TO EXIST) and this happens every day) . We can only exist in the human form and we do that by living (we can't transmit our conscious into a chip or something of that nature). So, In order to be happy (I'll take a simple one) we must first exist. In order to exist we must live. In order to live we must obtain nutrients. In order to do that one must gather it through nature or through the constructs of society. Now, we have choice of how to get our happiness because one does not "need" society in order to be happy, most of us just feel that it is an easier path in order to achieve happiness. In order OUR society to exist (I'm assuming an republic form or government with capitalism) people need to work.There are many societies out there and if one human does not feel he/she can achieve their goals or want they can move to another OR simply leave and become a hermit. No one forces people to live in society, people force themselves to live in society (unless it is more of a communist, then they force people to live a certain way). Continuing, in order to get our food we need money (in society ). In order to get money, we need jobs (usually).

now here comes your dilemma and what your trying to say. One, it depends on one's definition of success (For example, an atheist may think that there is no "True"success because eventually one will die, its the great equalizer, and and their children will die and the human race (or whatever we evolve into) will die. No human race means the death of our history and the death of all our accomplishments. There is no point of anything, we all live for a moment (as drake says, "Y.O.l.O") to an atheist. If we manage to survive for a LONG LONG time, what will we do? escape the universe and create another one? we are destined to die, we are mortal.)

Second, In our society we believe that more money equals into an easier life but that doesn't mean a happier life. USUALLY, the more time spent on college gives us a high paying jobs but this is not a one to one function. USUALLY more schooling gives one more credentials and opens more options for a person.The reason that schooling exists is to prove to one's employers that one can do his/her job. One test may not be enough to prove one knows all they need to know. People believe in the system and trust it. without it, there may be more frauds(and lol there still are conmen).

But what you've said is 100% right, one does not need college, one has just convinced himself/herself that they need it in order to be happy.
-Thank you for reading.

Blordow responds:

That was a long winded review. I read it though. It's true that we live in a society that has to work in order to survive, but I think it's time we all started "working" in the areas we enjoy the most instead. Put the right people in the right places. Everyone has something they love to do, whether they consciously know it or not. We live in a very strange world, a world full of free, natural beauty, but we're all like rats in a cage, paying to live in a rat race. You are who you are, you just gotta make the most of what you're given but more often I see people complaining every day how their jobs suck, how they got exams due and how much they don't want to do them. I just don't get why people even bother when they hate it so much. It's not a difficult thing to grasp, just do what you enjoy. Cheers for the review, even though it was just a little off topic haha..

Ahah good one, this cartoon has a good message, not many people could live with art and most of them quit it and do a job because they can't do anything else, kinda depressing but the rythme and the animation was great and funny so yeah. Also wow you had so many things in your backgrounds, I have to pause many time for appreciate the little...Easter eggs you've put in it. But yeah it's fine.

Blordow responds:

If it's one thing I love to do, it's putting lots and lots of subtle things in the background for people to pick up on. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks :)

this scared me but i totally agree with how people are forced to "conform" to society.

Blordow responds:

I have a knack for scaring people with my toons. It's just my style. Cheers!

totally fucking agree

Blordow responds:

Awesome :)