Reviews for "Job Care"

This is exactly what happened to me at Workforce connection. My counsilor (Or at least the first one) was hot as hell though and I basicly got sucked into a profession course I wasn't into at all. The following attempts, they asked me what I wanted to do for a living. I told them my intrest in bringing back table top gaming and the entertainment side of life. New counsilors response?

"I know a guy who does concrete jobs"

Blordow responds:

They really don't give two shits about what you want. No matter what the name of the workforce agency, no matter the location, they're all the same. Although I have had a couple of nice people throughout my time with job agencies, who were actually really understanding and down to earth people, but they got the sack, most likely for being to lenient :/

Cold and cynical, most people who take this approach tend to ramble and lose the audience's interest in a heap of self indulgence. You make a point though.

Very colorful.

Blordow responds:

Thanks, I did my best to keep the audience engaged!

Ah yes, it's the cold hard truth of reality...
Quite a realistic look on it really, but that's life, living for your hobbies, oh the side lines.
The problem with getting some jobs though is there are some that instantly reject you if you don't have some certain degree. Oh well nothing we can do...nothing, similair to Geoge Carlin's description is "we are circling the drain" I beleive this is how our lives and societies are... oh well, good thing for apathy, and escapism.

Blordow responds:

George Carlin was a great man

i hate this world, why i hate where i live, while there is no job to be an animator.
stupid world.
well, nice animation, good voice acting, and nice sound, i like it =)

Blordow responds:

Think about how many professional animating studios there are, with top notch quality of animation. Then think about how many people are studying and competing for those places. Schools give unrealistic hope to people. Thanks for the complements!

Amen Brother.

The Only thing most of us can hope for is to get that job once school is over. I bust my Ass in school much harder then my class mates because I know that once School is over there won't be much time to do our passions until we get that job. Right now I work 40+ hours a week, Im finishing my AA because i got my AS In graphic design, But you need a 4 year to just get an Internship. So I get No time to even design anymore. That and I play guitar Allot.

But really it's just a matter of time. you have to knock one thing out to make room for the others little by little. Once school is done then you just have work and art, Then once you get a job doing art you have art and whatever else you want to do.

Blordow responds:

Goodluck in your endeavours!