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Sailorman the Squeakquel

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the thrilling conclusion to something nobody really cared about

Animation: Me

Additional Animation: AxeltheNavy

Preloader Art: Nerdbayne

Written by and Audio work: SeiyruRenaih

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still gold

boobie heheh

This is a cinematic masterpiece

Sailor.... whatever your name is, i know that feeling, i normally just called them Serena or Amy, or Rei, never had the time to remember what planets they were, also if they kick out Pluto, they should kick out Sailor moon too, i mean, that's not even a planet, I also loved the voices and the fluid grotesque animation, reminded me a lot of the work of... the guy that made the AWSOM series, and the other guy who dresses like link, can't remember their names at the time, oh well, stay awesome.

Yeah, the voice acting wasn't the best, but I think it just added on to the humor. But that vagina though...