Reviews for "Sailorman the Squeakquel"

guys how can this be an egoraptor rip off? Its just another funny random animation. Egoraptor is overrated anyway.

It was good...I laughed sometimes, other times I kind of zoned out. Animation quality was great, audio quality kind of hard to hear and the characters mumbled a lot so it made it hard to pay attention. The wacky animated limbs and character expressions made me laugh the most.

flipin holarious

What just happened? Did I just get diabeetus?

this was reeeeaaally random even more so random then the animation/voice style you were trying to rip off of Egoraptor...
and that blood/vagina thing was really disgusting and that alone should have put it in the adult section instead of the mature section... it was gross and unnecessary...
i can see that u have talent so dont try and get views and stars stealing someone else' bit
try to make an animation in your own way and not in Ego's way im sure you could do great.
give yourself some dignity and make something thats worth your talent...