Reviews for "Sailorman the Squeakquel"


Man, fuck the assholes who say your ripping off Egoraptor when they don't know their head from their ass.

I love the animation here. Since Sanity (season 2) started, I noticed an evolution in your style especially after that Bronies cartoon. Your animation started to improve from the Season 1 finale, Street Fighter Chode and other projects. Also, you started to use more shading which made your stuff look much more beautiful to look at.

The audio clip was pretty funny, I mean I heard plenty of times, but I was shocked when you cut out a few things here and there. But meh. I did love the anatomy here as it looked alot better than the first Sailorman.

Speaking of that, I like how you went for a more proper setting here, but that kinda made the whole animation lose it's random appeal from the first. Which is kinda why I loved the first one alot. But this audio clip did have more of a situation going on so I can't compare the two too much.

I also liked the After Effects that you used here. It fit the situation and it actually worked well.

Love Nerd Bayne's title card as it looks close to the style of the show's and does alot of sexualizing the characters here. Great job.

Overall, welcome back after Sanity Not Included. :)

pluto is a planet to me

I dont care what anyone else says. Pluto will always be part of the solar system in my mind

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Great Conclusion

I enjoy the humor, and appreciated the time you all put into this. One question towards the end was it still flash or did you convert video back into flash with adobe premiere, for the gun shots and blood on screen? Was neat to see something different on NG. Kewdos to the team

Laughed 'til I cried

This was ridiculous in all the best ways. I'm really hoping to see more of this/more in this style.