Reviews for "Sailorman the Squeakquel"

Found it ridiculously hilarious, though I cringed at some parts.

And just because an animation is done frame by frame or something like that, doesn't mean it's copying egoraptor. It's not like he invented good Flash animation.

Anyways, great job!

Please Keep making Salorman's, they are the best things you have ever made.

Made just as much sense as the show.

It was a good laugh, nothing i'll really remember or quote from to my friends should a subject relating to the toon come up, but still it was a good laugh. Glad to see the Sailormoon series had an ending worth the show itself.

Spazkid, I really never ever thought I would find any of this random garbage piled into a flash funny..... But somehow you pull it off every time! :D You are truly a master of the random garbage flash genre and deserve a reward. I present to you a hug! <(^_^)> I'm serious, your the only person that has made random garbage flash that I think is actually funny lol. Keep up the crazy work bud!