Reviews for "Sailorman the Squeakquel"

Oh good lord...-sigh- I've hit an all time low. I paused it just to get a good look at Jupiter's ass on the loading screen pic.

Whats wrong with me man?

The animation was still hilarious, though..its true, I feel like I've heard these jokes before.

amazing, and hilarious, you really know how to animate. good job! i just finished watching one of your tutorials on YouTube, you have officially inspired me lol

I love Sailormoon, I love how stupid the anime was, I loved all the fanfic about them and I love parodies about them, I love most of your work here on newgrounds, soooo in short, I love this parody too.

You made too many references in there for me to even keep up with, so I basically clicked 'play', switched off and sat it out, laughing at every random obscenity I found.

Also her boyfriend is hot

You've effectively destroied my sister's childhood, and with that, this animation went from awesome to unrivaled godliness.

I'm Glad after someone painted a picture, others also tried. I'm glad that more than 1 song was ever written. And I'm glad the people who made them didn't listen to Dip-Shits. "Oh, your style is similar to someone else's. Why don't you kill yourself!"

All the Haters need to go drink bleach. Bleach kills AIDS and stupid opinions that stiffle people's creativity. It even comes in a plethora of scents now. Maybe all the fuck heads can meet in one place and drink together? That would definitely help out with the cleanup afterwards.

I just started watching you Spaz, and I think your're great. Just like Krinkels is great, and Ego, and many others. I seem to like your humor...which scares me sorta...by I like myself so I'm good. Hell, I think Flash videos need more wood chippers...and people walking into them. Nothing says loven like a Wood Chipper.