Leave Cthulhu Alone

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Bomb a Shield 5 Points

You have destroyed a shield with Professor Bomb!

Level 1 5 Points

You have completed the first and easiest level!

Lunatic Fringe 5 Points

You have made a Monster Loonie!

Mystic Moider 5 Points

You've killed with the mystic!

Professor Bomb 5 Points

You have slain with the Professor Bomb!

Cop Bat 10 Points

You have poisoned someone with cop bat!

Level 10 10 Points

You are getting into the nitty-gritty!

Rival Schooling 10 Points

You've killed a Rival!

Close Call 25 Points

You have killed an invader in the ritual chamber!

Level 20 25 Points

You are way deep in it now!

Maniac Cop 25 Points

You've taken out a cop with a lunatic!

Rival Meets Lightning 25 Points

You killed a Rival with a Mystic Monster!

Shield Slapper 25 Points

You've taken out a shield with a Detective Monster!

Rival Love Tap 50 Points

You killed a Rival with a Detective Monster!

WINNER 50 Points

You have completed the game! Amazing!

Author Comments

(12/7) patched for some of the possible issues!
Cthulhu is coming!
He just wants to absorb you through his acidic pores! Why humans have such a problem with this, Cthulhu doesn't even know.
Left/Right arrow keys to move.
Spacebar to capture and hideously mutate a human.
R to restart level if you're blowing chow.
You cannot mutate until your power-bar (lower left) is full! The violence of humans fighting your monsters charges the bar!
Cthulhu fhtagn!



I love ktulu

Lotsa fun

Awesome game, the dark dialogue was comedy gold, and the concept was funny and entertaining.

Difficulty level was just right, not easy enough to be boring, and not hard enough to be frustrating.

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Well, I liked it but I couldn't get through the level with the loonies. Good game. Good graphics.
Thanks for making a Cthulhu game <3

Wonderful, creative, and balanced.

This game is fantastic. It's primary focus is humor, which makes the game a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Your humor wasn't campy or overdone, which is rare in a lot of games. While I wasn't busting a gut of laughter, I can easily say that I was smiling from start to finish. You captured how I expected Chthulu to behave but also complete with the emotions that I was feeling as I played the game. It's hard to imagine Chthulu wasn't as tired of those pathetic but meddlesome humans as I was.

That being said, your design is creative, simple, intuitive but most of all, fun. I loved the idea of turning the enemies against each other, and the different abilities that everyone had were really cool. I love how they were introduced as well.

It difficult without being impossible. That being said, I didn't know that you could move the red circle around for the first half. So once I discovered that, previously unbeatable levels were a breeze.

Overall, it's refreshing to see a game that doesn't try to blow everything away with artistic talent, or some complex and enthralling story (not that those are bad things at all) but something that is just focuses on being damn fun to play.

If Chthulu could mutate so many people with his power at a minimal level, couldn't he just mutate the entire world into non humans and then lord over them?

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Great game!

NIce new concept. I'm glad you added a bit of humor, it made me want to play more. Hope too see more of your work sooon!

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Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2011
12:54 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense