Reviews for "Leave Cthulhu Alone"

Amazing TD Game

I love tower defense and I love dark magic! What a pleasant surprise this was! Great game! Very fun to control people and use strategy as the mighty Cthulhu

I am a big H.P. fan!

Great game dude. The art is really great!


Well that took about an hour and kept me entertained through all of it. The gameplay was simple and addicting and I found the cutscenes quite funny. Well derserving of being the daily feature.

P.S. The first druid level: You can hit the druid with 2 professor bombs. Place 2 detectives in the first room, convert all professors, and use the 1,2,3,4 hotkeys to navigate to the druid and drop them on him.

Great Great Game!

My friend this game is very cool kudos to you. I found a little bug; when I killed a guy with a poisonous bat the other guys that start to come get stuck in the green ooze the poisonous bat leaves after killing it's victim; and after a lot of them get stuck there the game just freezes and I have to start it over because the R button just doesn't work. I hope this helps you fix it.

Found a Glitch! Great Game tho!

After I Lost I started to press enter constantly and then space then it started to say text storyline when you started then press entered to the end of the game.