Reviews for "Leave Cthulhu Alone"

Good game

A nice effort there and I liked the way cuthulu talked to his minion too,

Quite good

This is a nice idea and it's getting a few points just 'cause it's Cthullu but it gets a bit samey and the difficulty curve is pretty steep an upgrade system would be nice.

WTF am i doing wrong

its really fun, but the druid level, for one reason, or another, i simply cannot beat. i can get him down to virtually no health but he gets through anyway.


i would have pefered the option to turn the ppl into diffrent things

A great tower defense game

A very quirky and humourous puzzle/strategy game, and incorporating the Cthulhu Mythos makes for a unique experience. I very much enjoyed all of the different death and transformation animations that you gave each character.

The only problem I have with the game (as with most), is that after the second or so playthrough, there's little incentive to go back and play it again, as it only takes around 30 min to an hour to complete. But I do hope you've made room for a sequel!