Reviews for "Leave Cthulhu Alone"


Excellent game. I think the banter between Cthulhu and minion was great. I also liked using the enemy as the defense I thought that was clever.

Some things I think would have made it even better:

1. The setting, The old house just didn't scream Cthulhu to me (it certainly wasn't built strange aeons ago). Though I can understand why it was used.

2. Wings, where were his little wings.

3. Ok, so those were rather superficial, but you know what would make the game more interesting? Banter from the invading humans or between the humans and the monsters. This game has a great lighter side to it, why not?

4. It was really easy to accidentally move between areas when trying to place a guy near a doorway. This resulted in a couple of level restarts for me. Simple fix, give us an indicator of where the room switch is made.

Great game anyhow. Just a fun relaxing defense puzzle. Doesn't really leave room for a sequel but there is more to lovecraft than Cthulhu so maybe it does.

I think a well deserved 5/5 and 10/10

great game!

I like the humor its nice to know its not lost on an ancient god. There could be a little more done to it to tweak it and make it slightly more exciting. But as for that its a nice twist on a tower defense style game!

Amazing TD Game

I love tower defense and I love dark magic! What a pleasant surprise this was! Great game! Very fun to control people and use strategy as the mighty Cthulhu

simple and good

very good and entertaining, sadly is very repetitive and also the music i can consider a "little" annoying

don't need to worry, it was a very good game i like it

fun and not terribly complicated

plus i love cthonic themed stuff. the only weird thing i found was that if i died the "enter" key did nothing. good jarb.

Matzerath responds:

Oops! That should be fixed now!