Reviews for "Leave Cthulhu Alone"

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience! Your pacing was spot on perfect and I thought your tutorial sections were also very well done. Game flow was superb - as well as the art, animations, music, sound effects, theme and writing. The fact that the game doesn't scale is unfortunate but other than that I think thats the only con - besides that I wish it never ended! ( Can we get a sequel with a free play mode? ) I love this game! The mechanics are "pure" and by that I mean everything had purpose and meaning - simple yet powerful and incredibly fun! ( If there is a sequel do not add --> )There is no fluff and distractions to the game - looking forward to where Cthulu goes next! Time travel back to when the Earth was a better domain??? Great work - You've gained yourself a new fan!

negative star for lack of scaling.

having read some of lovecraft´s short novels I really enjoyed the humorous touch of this game. It´s pretty innovative for a TD. great work overall. make another :()

I love killing you humans you so easy to kil u al noob s