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Madotsuki's Dream Dock

rated 3.91 / 5 stars
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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Oct 31, 2011 | 6:45 PM EDT

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Author Comments

[EDIT 2]
Thank you RRC for the review.
Advertising this as a Point 'n Click game was a mistake.
Guys, I'm an animator...
Which genre should I choose then, if it wasn't a Point and Click game?

[EDIT 1, Already?]
Yeah, I forgot the halloween pumpkins.
It's a click-able, space-able and a-able interactive loop.
How to use it? Find it out.

This is an interactive loop. No over-the-top animations, no action, no story. Nothing. Just enjoy the empty void.

Warning has been hinted in the animation itself. Don't blame me, if you crap yourself.
Please note that it IS loading, even if you get a white screen. I think, it wasn't a good idea, exporting everything on frame 1. =/
Happy halloween, guys.

Something I made in a few days. (approx. 3 days)
Madotsuki is custom made and drawn from scratch.
May contain glitches.

...Jesus, this is the most disturbing thing I've ever made. Watch out for the girl. She can be...

Yume Nikki. Made by Kikiyama.
Feel free to google it.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Holy F**kin' Sh*t.
That ending. Is terrifying.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'm confused...

I'm not entirely sure what I just watched, but it was a little disturbing.

I don't blame you for putting this as point and click since I can't really think of anything else to put it as. Maybe experimental?

Overall, the animation and music were both good, but I still can't tell exactly what I just watched, which makes this kind of hard to critique. Sorry.

Either way, good job.

<Review Request Club>


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Damn you!
I knew it would happen!
Man, I got scared... wow.
That worked.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I have to agree with chris on this one x.x

Both the animation and music were very enjoyable, but i'm not really sure what this is supposed to be?

Most of the visuals that were supposed to be scary... really weren't, and I found myself kinda bored waiting for things to change...
By the time that the final sequence happened and the girl screamed i was like "wow really... about time"

This could be really spooky and has a pretty nice overall presentation, but I think you should work on the timing a bit bit more


-Review Request Club-


Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was nice seeing our little dreamer in a higher definition. The entire animation shows a mixture of sadness, loneliness, and emptiness; just like in the original game. (And that Monoko at the end... That was exactly how Yume Nikki felt at times)
P.S.: Why you didn't add the Yuki-Onna or the Medamaude effect?

Pkmn2 responds:

I actually had Yuki-Onna at some point finished.
...I accidently deleted the file.

Medamaude was a bit hard to draw, so I left it out.