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Reviews for "Madotsuki's Dream Dock"

Fun and dark

I will start off this review on saying that this was an interesting flash game here, it has itsmomemnts nad can be better but for what it is, i must say that it was alright and pretty amusing, i like some of the stuff you pulledout on this giving it an interesting look, so a nice feel all around with this one good effort and i was pretty impressed with most things on this. Like i said the "VISUALS" were great and had a good look about it all and such, I love the ending here aswell, you really pushed for a "DARK" feel here and that made it for a good flash entry here so i was pretty impressed with this submission and hope to see more work from you soon aswell.

I would like to see more of the little details added along with more effects popping up but also go with the dark touch even more then you already have.

Pienkaito responds:

Thanks for the very helpful review. I'll keep that in mind.

oh my god!!! ... you actually got me there, nice one. :(

Holy F**kin' Sh*t.
That ending. Is terrifying.

4/5 cause you really fooled me into thinking this was just one of those random games which arent even games (actually this is kinda not a game)...and as everyone was saying that random ghost person really scared the shit outa me I was like *click*...eh? nothing? maybe its a bug ah well *click click click click* WHATDAFA.....

okay u need something else for the game to do i suggest ach form have there own ending.
like the little child you can have it where the kid experinces an orphangy and is adopted and dies in a cellar room hidden by furnature with her step brother and is stuck there with the witch`s ghost(the one who locked them in the room) but all of them end up in the after world.
(read call it wills for details)
thats an idea for the child form others who play can post there ideas on here but i think it will work great so good luck