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Reviews for "Madotsuki's Dream Dock"

I'm confused...

I'm not entirely sure what I just watched, but it was a little disturbing.

I don't blame you for putting this as point and click since I can't really think of anything else to put it as. Maybe experimental?

Overall, the animation and music were both good, but I still can't tell exactly what I just watched, which makes this kind of hard to critique. Sorry.

Either way, good job.

<Review Request Club>

Interesting, how'd you get in there?

To be quite honest, and this may sound strange to some, but this flash animation frankly feels like what goes on inside of my brain on a daily basis. It's always churning out something different, my thoughts are never the same, and when I'm sitting somewhere doing nothing for an extended period of time, I suddenly start having extremely strange images and scenarios start floating through the front of my mind, while I pretty much just daze out.

Personally, I didn't find the flash scary, per say, but then I'm fairly jaded toward most "frightening" things, so maybe it's just me. I quite frankly loved the music, though. Like I mentioned earlier, it feels like the kind of tune that would start floating through my head as I sit around, staring at nothing, and imagining something abstractly weird and out of left field. The music feels very calming and relaxing, and I'd say fits all the images that you had pop up in the background.

All in all, I liked this flash alot. I plan on leaving it running while I use my comp, so I can daze out a bit while I enjoy my day, at home for once, instead of while waiting at a bus stop...


PS: As for the "interactivity", having the little girl change into different things by clicking on her was a neat touch. Not a ton to say about it, but it was neat. Nice work on it, keep it up.

Not sure

Not entirely sure why this is meant to be scary at all actually. Kind of feels like it was just some girl who could be clicked on to get different looks and just a head looking out at everything but never truly doing anything at all. There was no real feel of a build up and not even mental scaring either. Just classical music as a girl watches things happen all around her.

While this is a point and click styled game where you can just click on the girl and nothing else. I think you could have made this more interesting by having the various other characters and things that come on screen be clickable and be able to interact with them doing something with or to the girl. The guy walking on the bridge, stuff falling into water, and the squid at the end didn't really seem to phase her at all, she just watched them.

Overall, it's alright but nothing scary at all sadly.

Review Request Club

Pienkaito responds:

To be honest, if I spent more time on it, then I would come up with an infinite long list with ideas on it.

Maybe the warning message misguided you, but I simply put that one up, because of one particular scene. What I mean is that this animation was never meant to be scary.

It has a deep meaning to it actually and if you didn't play the game, then it's actually hard to think about it. (Most of the time, that is)

Thanks for the review, SCTE3.

Am I supposed to review the music?

Well, as far as I'm concerned, this isn't really a Halloween piece, so if you're going to try and get that sorted, generally people need something scary, as opposed to mournful - that would be for All Saints Day, on November 1st, when all of the horrors have gone to bed for another year and the good in the world comes out to clear up the mess.

I've watched this piece, clicked all that I could and found nothing scary, creepy or indeed worthy of Halloween, to be honest. The buildup spent far too long to get to a bit of a damp squib of an ending, so I'd recommend that you go back to the drawing board and get something a little less long-winded and boring, to give us more entertainment, otherwise the warnings just make it even more of an anti-climax.

Switching the character for other bits and pieces weren't enough to keep me entertained for the duration of the song, so I was quite disappointed with the presentation as a whole.

[Review Request Club]

Pienkaito responds:

I guess, you didn't find that final (and true) ending of the interactive animation.
Because that was why there's a warning in the first place. =P

Anyway, I'm sorry for letting you down.
It was never indeed to be scary. (except for that one part)
I wanted to create an atmosphere, that varies on different people.
Some people found it depressing and some found it calm. There were a few people who think that this was actually scary, because of the weird shit that is happening.

Like I said, I'm sorry for the disappointment, but I'm still thankful for the well-written review.

I don't get it.

For starters, "Warned" is misspelled in the beginning...err...warning.

But this isn't very accessible to your audience. Usually, during a point and click adventure, you're pointing and clicking at different things, and typically, sometimes, actually go on an adventure. The idea of which implies different environments, or things of significance to a story going on. While I admire your creative license on the concept, I stand by that it's not very accessible.

You hype it up to be a Halloween, scary type of flash. Yet you have the most non-threatening, calmest, what I can only assume to be anime soundtrack imaginable in the background to a girl staring at a body of water in the dark from a dock...more accurately, the BACK of a girl's head...even more accurately, the back of SEVERAL anime girl's heads. Sometimes she's a traffic light. Sometimes she's a street lamp. Sometimes she's decapitated. This makes no sense.

There's no explanation. Not even for the hooded man walking in the background, and his identical whiter cousin floating in the lake. There's no explanation as to why she turns into C-3PO and changes a color filtered layer over the whole thing. Or the multi-colored amoeba that descends among the sky. Why does she turn into a little girl, that when clicked multiplies herself over and over again until a very pixelated picture of a ghost woman consumes the background and screams? It's all very disconnected...a lot of waiting and clicking one spot, hitting one button, for little payoff. All over an obscure anime that you can't possibly assume the majority of your audience would be familiar with.

I imagine this took quite a deal of programming, and for that, I admire it's craft...for I KNOW THE HORRORS of Actionscript, lol. But I didn't really connect with this.......

....okay, admittedly, I didn't expect the startle at the end, but the graphic's pixelated quality detracted from what terror it was trying to emote. The sound? That was spot on. If it were louder, it may have made up for the visual quality...but I'm pleased that the jump scare couldn't have happened early on...not sure how it could.

The lack of diversity in interactions hurt it's score a little bit too. What was the point of that vending machine if it didn't do anything? Why make the girl on the further dock a button that does nothing? Why do we only get to stare at the back of the heads of so many characters? The lack of details are frustrating. Though at least the dock itself looked good. The white thing that seemed to be an amorphous blob of limbs coming out of orafices? Well, not to be rude, but that wasn't scary, nor did it look neat. If you truly wanted to go for psychological horror, you could have dug much, much deeper, and not relied on a Japanese Kid's show for influence. ;D As it was, it was a startle at most, and only at the climax. The rest was dulled perplexity.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so despite all of my criticisms, I'm still voting 5, despite the score on the review itself. Give us more things to work with, and REALLY dig deep if you're going to try and scare us. Keep up the good work! You should aim your next flash into a direction of greater complexity. Challenge yourself, and kick some ass! :D

-Review Request Club-

Pienkaito responds:

Great review from club. Never expected less.

First of all, it's not based on anime. This animation is tribute to a 2005 independently produced surreal adventure PC game by homebrew Japanese developer Kikiyama. (Thanks wiki)

I can understand the non-logical aspect, because... Well, if I am making a tribute to a game that makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL in the first place, then I can only say this, even though it's a bit harsh: "What in the fuck is this shit?!"
It will lead to many confusions and endless open questions, so that it will render this animation on itself as uninteresting and boring if you haven't played the game, which is unfortunate. ;_;
The animation contains various sections of the game, so everything you see actually appears in the game in some sort of way.

In short, it's not a japanese kid's show. If it was, then they are seriously fucked up.

This was actually never meant to be scary in my opinion. It's very open to the audience to find it either calm, depressing or scary. (Excluding the last part, which is a lame attempt to scare someone)

It was a nice easter egg in the game...
Speaking of content, yeah. It may seem lacking, but the game itself is exploring world and interactive with objects. That's that.
It would have been a nice jump-scare, if Madotsuki (the main girl) simply twisted her head like in the movie "The Excorcist". I actually planned to do it, but time was faster than me.

By the way, you should check the game out if you have NOTHING else to play. It's...surreal.
I also think that making this in less than 3 days is surreal as well IMO. lol

I really want to thank you for this constructive review. It totally pleases me and at least a few people left their opinion on it now.

PS.: Grammar and spelling mistakes are unintended. (obviously, haha)