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Quantum Ninja 10 Points

Kill 25 enemies with one special attack

Pyromaniac 25 Points

Beat the story mode

Platinum Hoarder 50 Points

Get platinum prizes in all Time Trial missions

Combo Devil 100 Points

Chain 666 attacks in a combo

Author Comments

Melex archer is a boring programmer who out of boredom signs up to Free Medical Experimentation at FreeMedExperiments.eu and thus, becomes a mutant ninja.

This game was inspired by AAA title Prototype. It involves fighting off hordes off mutants, military, tearing down buildings, fighting off giant bosses and having the attack button go right through your keyboard and the desk.

Left / Right arrow - run around
Up arrow - Run up the walls
Down arrow - Slide down the walls / Stomp
Z, Y or W - Jump
X - Attack
C - Special attack
Left + Right (hold) - Charge
Escape or P - Pause menu

This game uses the autosave feature. Your progress is saved each time you complete a mission.
In [secret] your progress is saved when entering the pause menu.
The high scores are posted when completing a mission entering the Main Menu.
Even if you fail a mission, you get to keep all the loot (gems and powerups), so that the next try will be a bit easier.
There is an infallible tactic for every boss you encounter, the fun part is working that out :)
There is a secret powerup, that is too secret to write about it here.
Melex drops Thelemite gems too when he dies, you can gather these on retry (not much, but still).
Remember that powerups are keys to success. There's invincibility, ground spikes, double jumps, quadriple jumps. If you have trouble, think how can you use them to force your way!

Riddley boss tips
As I said, there's an infallible tactic for every boss. If you have trouble with any of the bosses, please read the riddley hints below. I didn't want to spoil all the fun, so I hope you like it in this form.

Those with heavy legs need _special_ tratment.
Those with long legs never look at the _sky_.
Those without legs _hate_ special treatment.
Those with fiery legs won't _charge_ you. (This one is lame, sorry)


Other than a few problems with medals...

I achieved a few of the medals, mainly the Quantum Ninja and Combo Devil medals, the screen said I achieved them and everything, but when i left the game and came back to play more, I only had the Pyromaniac medal for beating story mode.

Otherwise, this game is incredibly fun on all levels. There was also another bug though, where if I spam attacked too often, the guy would freeze, and every time I pressed attack again, you'd get the sound effect but no attack. It always fixed through pausing, but I thought I'd let you know.

Keep up the good work.. with a sequel!!

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Rape the x button!!!

Dialogue was good and gameplay was fun needs to be harder though.


But move the damn cars for boss battles! So much clutter! Also make a control figuration panel.

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i felt all these three the storyline was funny i got so angry when i couldn't beat the big guy that only special works on him. sometimes i accidentally use special on something else or when im almost done he steps on me. But i am really happy when i finish. And for the last boss find opprtunitys where you can strike like when he is close to you.


Awesome Game.
But a bit easy, except for the final boss, who is unbeatable without that "uberpower" i think.
Reminded me of Prototype.
bad point: bored of smashing X all game...

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Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2011
4:48 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler