Rubble Trouble New York

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Use the mouse to click on the tool buttons at the bottom of the screen and then use them to blow up the buildings! You get cash for each building block blown up but you will lose cash if you blow up the wrong building!


Same as everyone else

It's great fun, interesting idea. Unfortunatly, level 16 got me. Those damn cannonballs bounce and hit that damn truck or building every time. Wrong tool for the job, definitly. Little more balance and this game wold be great instead of just good.

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fine-tweeking needed

aiming with the mouse and using the cannongets disrupted when the screen centering refreshes. very frustrating in that regard. some of the ammo limits are also frustrating. Well, made, fresh idea, good fun. The surrounding buildings are too weak in my opinion.

Try as much as i can..

I can beat level 16. I must have tried 100 times.
So im stuck forever and cant progress further.

Very frustrating.

Otherwise the game is pretty good, for what i could play. Funny, powers are nice and varied, works well overall.


On level 6, if a piece of debris falls behind the grenade launcher, it obstructs the launch path, and all the missiles will explode before even leaving the guns. Otherwise, fun game.

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Very good game

It's a good game,but jesus wtf is up with level 12?
There's a glitch in level 11,you can put your cannon right where the explosives are.

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3.98 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2011
10:39 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other