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Reviews for "Rubble Trouble New York"

its goood

Isn't this the same as the original rubble trouble with two new levels, and "New York" to the end of it?...... if your gonna have a "sequel" you should make new levels as well.......

Looks good but frustrating

I love the visuals to this game. the graphics are nice and the overall style ties in well. I'm less of a fan of the gameplay.

Alot of the puzzles are either needlessly frustrating and/or feel like they're won by luck rather than planning. The physics are a little wonkey, like blocks sticking when you know they should fall and the like. Also using the helicopter based tools is like pulling teeth. I can't count how many times i failed because i couldn't control the helicoptor for more than 2 seconds.

You have a good start. you just need to work on the tools some more and test play the levels a bit.


I like this game ..I played this at mini clip first XD ..but I like the tokyo one way better than this one

It was decent.

The first few levels were pretty fun, it was entertaining watching the little dudes walk away all bandaged up but the tedium involved in later levels makes you want to punch a baby.


This game makes me want to shoot myself in the face with a 12 guage. This is the first puzzle game I've ever hated with a passion. The only cool thing was the dialogue, other than that, you need to stop making games.