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Reviews for "Rubble Trouble New York"

great job

AWESOME GAME! I didn't want to write a review before I finished it, and I just did, with 11680 points. Great graphics, good music, lots of creative levels and lots of different tools to use. One of the few puzzle/physics games that I actually had the patience to finish, even though I like many of them.

Level 16 is not impossible at all, I beat it on my 5th try and I almost had it completed on my 3rd try. Always put your cannon at the same place (right next to a bus for example) and when you find an angle that works well (I think it was 104-107 degrees for me) keep shooting at it with different power (about halfway to the max worked well).

I dont see the point of all these dislikers

The game is really good, every level had something different and fun.
The pixel-art is excellent, and i like the level selecting screen with all the buildings.

These people are disliking it just because it runs bad on their shitty computers.

5/5 10/10

Great game and all, but...

Level 16 is IMPOSSIBLE. I have tried dozens of times. I've tried wild shots, and all those seem to gravitate to the greenhouse. I try and measure my shots, and guess what? EVERY SINGLE ONE (Same angle, pretty similar power) HITS A DIFFERENT SPOT! I mean, seriously? Come on, that's ridiculous. I'll try to beat it again, but I doubt at this point it's possible.

4/10 because at least the game is enjoyable up to there.


every time i try to load level 5 it freezes.


i blew up the van!LLOLOLOLOLOL