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Reviews for "Rubble Trouble New York"

Nope, not this time

I agree with the guy talking about the cannon levels. It's seriously one of the most frustrating level types of any game like this I've ever played. I've said it before and I'll say it again: There is a fine line between challenging and frustrating to the point where you throw your monitor across the room.

Cannon levels

The cannon levels ruin what is otherwise an entertaining puzzle game. They are especially infuriating because the characters in the game have access to a homing missile which would be a much more practical tool to use in such a sitution. So the cannon levels are obnoxious game designing and bad storytelling.

Good game, controls a little wonky

Especially the Grabber tool is difficult to control. When you've got a guy on there and you're trying to be careful, its way too easy to have him just go flying into space for what appears to be no reason. I couldn't finish playing because saving the guys was just way too touchy.

The Cannon also has way too much power... at half-power I'd usually send it flying off the screen.

great game in general but

some of the levels were more irritating than challenging and what the hell is with level 20 that damn thing is just cruel and sadistic, i'm about ready to give up on the whole game just cuz of that level

Hate the cannon

The cannon levels are a pain in the rear. Especailly 16. Can't stand them. Otherwise the game is awesome, 4/5 9/10