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Reviews for "Rubble Trouble New York"

Nice one, but buggy

Nive game. The characters r pretty sweet hehe. And i like blowing things up. Its actually my profession.

Bute there where a few bugs in it. I had to watch a crappy add in the first place and then? Nothing. Had to try like 5 times. Then it started.
In the first missile level they shoot the missile (or at least theres a litte explosion and some sound), but theres no missile. I reloaded the level like 4 times, but nothing. Quit the game.

Nice game anyway.

Great Game, although...

I really enjoy this game but am stuck on level 31. It is impossible!

Not your best

This game could use some fall damage.

The keyboard doesn't work for some reason.

Also, there should be a tool selected automatically. It's super tedious to have to click a tool at the beginning of every level even when there's only one tool available. Like in job 11, on every try you have to click the cannon AND THEN place it before you can even shoot. It's ridiculous.


Tried it, doesnt work. the triangles still break the stores

Awesome game

@ Philmister978 just drill from the bottom horizontally. Game is awesome