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Unreal Flash 3

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I really hope you enjoy playing this!!
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Jump: W
Move: A & D
Secondary Fire: Hold S
Quick Switch: Q


My childhood :)

Erik responds:

Glad to hear buddy! I hope i get to make another one.

I always loved any web game that allowed aiming through mouse. If you ever make a continuation of this series, I suggest for the story mode instead of an arena its a level you progress through with non-humanoid enemies. Also possibly add character physics, like the x button in Plazma burst 2.

Great game, great concept.

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lol, i remember these days, i was playing so much of this alot. not this much. this much. 1,000. i found out the cheat codes you guys need. here are the codes! Care Package Inbound: Secret Team Unlocked: WHOARETHEMASTERS
Secret Map Unlocked: WHEREAMI
Matrix Mode Activated: ENTERTHEMATRIX
Play as Ironman: IMFROMIRONMAN
Play as Crash Dummy: ILOVECRASHING
Play as Mario: ITSAMEMARIO

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Erik responds:

Hahaha yeah i love to have cheats in games :) Thanks for playing

The Best Part is when you MLG in this game m8. You need to Make Unreal Flash 4

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Erik responds:

We will :) in a different name, with a different sauce. I can share there will be some hacking involved ;).

I love the music and characters! :D

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