Reviews for "Unreal Flash 3"

good game and all but...

this game is a little ok but needs a WHOLE lot more work. i got really annoyed by the major glitches but you should make 4th one but make it bigger and better

Fun game with a few flaws

Like the others the team damage on the AI's needs to be removed because they charge at the enemy's your shooting which makes them a meat shield for the enemy. Also the healing pistol seems like a good idea but it's a real nuisance because of the slow health regain and the map size's are really small so enemy's can catch up to you and finish you off.

Its OK

I liked it and my game experience has been pretty much glitch free but the fact that friendly fire is on and that your team-mates have a much lower AI than the opposition doesn't favour the player. On one match (the fight against the Ancient guardians ((Team death match to 10))) i got 9 kills and my 3 team-mates didn't even get one and the fact is that all they do is rush in block you from shooting, then dying. I even found myself killing all my team-mates and the opposition and getting a better score than letter them die. Overall the game play was good but could you please fix the friendly AI or at least turn of friendly fire, Thanks.

I drink red bull everytime i play this

Awesome game! Ive ben waiting for this after i reveiwed unreal flash 2007!

not as good as the others

after being a great fan of the last ones i was rather let down by this. it glitches in many cases uncontrollably. for instance, in "instagib" if you try to change your aim quickly then the gun aim lags quite a lot. it lags just enough to make you miss your opponent. sure, if you take your time then it doesnt lag too much but in a game based on reflex i dont want it to mess up. please fix this.

in another instance, the mouse scroll feature needs to be changed somehow. imagine you are moving forward and you have a full arsenal of weapons set up and you need to make the quick change from weapon number 9 to weapon 7 (or something like that). it would be to hard to reach for 7 on the number pad and if you use the scroll technique then it scrolls the page down too blocking the screen. neither of these ways works. i think you should have a different way of changing weapons. such as using the letters Q and E. have Q scroll left and E scroll to the right so all you need to do to change from weapon 9 to 7 would be to press Q twice.